People from the Past: a Short-Form History Paper Competition

An accessible, not-intimidating research paper designed to get people excited about history – now in its second year!

I’m a history geek who enjoys geeking out over history with other geeks.

In 2019, I hosted the Another Time & Place: Short-Form History Papers Competition at Lilies War to encourage people to get into the historical and anthropological side of the SCA “arts and sciences” experience.

I was asked to run a similar competition again this year. But in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re running it online this summer.

The Competition

The SCA has come to cover a vast stretch of human history: all the years before the seventeenth century, all across the world. A wonderful myriad of cultures have thrived in that long time span, and the SCA gives us all opportunities to sample – or drink deeply – from the experiences and examples of these long-ago peoples.

Write a short research paper about people from the past. This could be an individual (e.g. Harald Hardrada), an archetypal individual (e.g. Scandanvian-Norse women during the Late Viking Era), or a group or culture (Norse Culture of the 7th Century).

Tell us something awesome about people from the past!

Submitted Papers

(Links are to PDFs.)

Feedback & Discussion

Sunday July 12, 2020, 2:00pm CST via Zoom

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  • Password: Calontir
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