A Quick and Dirty Intro to Research in the SCA

Coming into the “arts and sciences” side of the SCA without an academic or otherwise developed idea of scholarly research can be daunting. This class is an attempt to unpack the concept and provide attendees with both a framework and resources to research their own interests and unanswered questions.

  • Goal: To show that research is, fundamentally, an outgrowth of our own curiosity given a structure to better help us find and interpret historical sources. This class will equip students with a basic understanding of best practices and mindsets when it comes to research (e.g. choosing to move from speculation to documentation), give students a basic framework and methodology for their own research.
  • Accompanying Documents: Slide deck that Hugo lectures from, as well as a front-and-back student handout with references.
    View the Research Resources page or a list of relevant databases, archives, and academic search engines.
  • Class Length: 60 minutes. This necessarily means the information covered here is fairly high-level, and there’s little time for depth or follow-up questions – however, this class is being paired with a subsequent hour-long workshop to allow for those interactions.

Download the Intro to Research in the SCA presentation deck (PDF)

Download the class handout (PDF)