16th Century Prints as C&I Sources

The sixteenth century – and its vast array of prints, in particular – is a fertile field of inspiration for artists, illuminators, and calligraphers looking for interesting and lesser-used sources for C&I work in the SCA.

The sixteenth century saw a proliferation of printed materials that spanned the High Renaissance and the ensuing artistic period known as Mannerism. From illustrative pieces to ornamental work to cartography, the long sixteenth century offers a myriad of fascinating works to inspire artists and illuminators.

This class is a historical survey of High Renaissance and Mannerist engravers and prints designed to both familiarize students with their aesthetic qualities as well as equip students with the resources to research additional extant works.

  • Goal: To better understand the aesthetic and compositional qualities of intaglio prints from the sixteenth century as a source for C&I work in the SCA, and to know how and where to find extant examples to reference in our work.
  • Accompanying Documents: Two PDFs: one is a presentation deck that was used in the class, the other is a single page, high-level overview handout. The important document is the presentation.
  • Class Length: One Hour

Download Presentation Deck (PDF)

Download Handout (PDF)