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Sixteenth Century Europe World Tour Round Table

Lilies this year will see a “Known World Tour,” a multi-day celebration of the many possible cultures and time periods that make up the pre-seventeenth century world with themed days of classes and topics. Each tour day will begin with a kickoff. Sunday is Sixteenth Century Europe, and I’ll be moderating the round table kickoff with a handful of other sixteenth century aficionados. Curious about what makes the period interesting, how to get started, or how to dive deeper? Come join us.

Round Table (Moderating)

Birth of the Dutch Republic, 1576-1591

The Low Countries erupted into revolt against Phillip II of Spain in the 1560s. By 1609, the rebellious northern provinces (by then organized as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands) had achieved de facto independence. How did they get there? This lecture looks to answer that question by focusing on the difficult but foundational years of 1575-1591.

Historical Lecture

SCA Persona 101

The SCA concept of a Persona as a plausible impression of a pre-seventeenth century individual can be a rewarding aspect to the Society for Creative Anarchism, but it can also be confusing, nebulous waters to wade in. This Persona 101 class is designed to help attendees understand what a Persona is and – just as importantly – is not, and then give them tools to choose, develop, and ultimately use their chosen Personas in the SCA.

Lecture / Workshop

Wargaming the Sixteenth Century

Sixteenth century Europe was a fascinating period in warfare: plate-armored knights, dense blocks of pikemen, black powder musketeers, and artillery. We’ll play with a set of easy, fast-playing rules on the tabletop to understand how these late Renaissance tactics may have played out on the battlefield.

Hands-on Instructional Class (Learn How to Play)
Up to 6 Total Players. Spectators & Drop-Ins Welcome.


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