Primary 2017 Goals

  1. Complete Prep for Classes for Winterkingdom…and Then Teach There: This is my one and only life goal at the moment! I’m teaching two classes at Winterkingdom 2017 in the Tulsa, OK area. The first is my Intro to Late 16th Century Europe, 1566-1610 class, which has been written and has a handout. It still needs a presentation deck to accompany things. The second is new: the Birth of the Dutch Republic, 1575-1591. I’ve got the outline in place and a lot of notes taken. Now I need to organize my notes, create a handout, and put things into a presentation. A lot left to go over the next few weeks. Read more about my SCA classes and history lectures here.
  2. Collapsable Tudor Chair: Those who know me have heard me prattling on about this for a few months. The time will come in February; my goal is to have it complete by Chieftains at the end of the month. I’ll be taking the basic plans for a collapsable Gothic throne that you see scattered across Pinterest and at events and attempting to reverse engineer it into a more persona-appropriate 16th century Tudor form.
    And make it a bit more heavy duty, because I’m cynical about my furniture supporting me!
  3. Retrofit Old Rattan Helmet and Complete Cut & Thrust Authorization: With my commissioned C&T cabasset helmet and gorget now pushed to April, the time for waiting on the sidelines for a quality kit is over. I’m retrofitting my old rattan helm that I started fighting in by replacing or adding to the bar grill with perfplate. With that done, I’ll have everything I need to get out on the practice field to start learning by sparring.
    Saint George Silver, patron of those who don’t want to fight rapier, watch over me.
  4. Look Fly as Hell on the C&T Field: Courtesy of my completed cabasset and gorget (finally come April, hopefully) with the addition of some fighting garb that I’ve got on the way.
  5. Teach More: Once I get complete my two initial classes for Winterkingdom, then I’ll need to think about what comes next. Likely I’ll start to spin up a Warfare in the Era of Pike and Shot (c.1500-1700) class or a longer term plan for a Survey of Late 16th Century Northern and Western European Men’s Clothing class for next year’s Clothiers’.
    I’ll also look to teach my two 16th century history classes again in Calontir sometime in summer or autumn. Perhaps at Lilies.
  6. Make Deliberate and Better Connections with Likeminded History/Persona/Authenticy Nerds: The last half of 2016 helped me to clarify and better understand where my interests lie within the Society, at least for the foreseeable future. So, as we start to move into 2017, I’d like to continue (and double down) on my efforts to connect with other folks who are of the same mind, especially Laurels and GoA-level individuals. I’d value their—and your!—input as sounding boards and the voices of experience.
  7. Blog More, and Better: Even articles on smaller, more specific subjects may be an interesting content outlet, rather than waiting to write these long damn epics that few people engage with.
  8. Keep Up with the Improvements to the Calontir Heralds’ Website: I’ve made some headway on since taking over as the College’s webminister a few months back, but there’s still a ways to go. Next steps are to continue reorganizing and introducing new content in order to make the site more friendly and intiutive for non-heralds. That’s my big, big goal there. The improved design is just a vanity project. Mobile-friendly work may be a late 2017 effort…or not. We’ll see.

Additional 2017 SCA Goals—for Bonus Points!

  1. Enter Queen’s Prize Tourney 2017: It will likely be a Research Paper of some sort. Most folks who know me know of my history-slant and lack of interest in recreating material culture. So, the Research Paper looks to be my only—or at least primary—avenue into QPT and other A&S competitions.
  2. Create a Day Shade: Not so certain where this one falls in the mix of prioritization, as I’m usually able to squat in someone else’s camp, but it can also be an opportunity for me to push forward the late 16th century presentation a little bit.
  3. Coordinate With Other Late Period Enthusiasts for More Late Period Events: There’s dozens of us – dozens! Mistress Sibilla has done a great thing in introducing the Tudor Tavern to the kingdom at Lilies. I’d like to help as much as I’m able and perhaps create another opportunity for the Late Period Pretty People to gather together at another event.
  4. Do more Court and Field Heraldry: May not be THE THING I’d like to be known for, but I enjoy it well enough and am happy to help.
  5. Find Ways to Gather SCA Historical Nerds and Promote the Study of History: Yeah, this one’s nebulous, still. But that’s where my heart is.


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