From time to time, I share thoughts related to my involvement in the SCA. They may be event recaps, observations, or… well, just about anything.

Hugo van Harlo’s A&S Classes at Lilies War 2018

My responsibilities as this year's Lilies War Arts and Sciences Coordinator keep me from preparing a lot of classes this year. There are plans, though, to bring four to the war.  Read More

In-Persona Interview at Feast of Eagles 2017

A fellow SCAdian known as Moon Hides the Sun is launching a series of first person, in-persona video interviews, and I got the dubious honor of being the test case.  Read More

Hugo’s Book Giveaway at Feast of Eagles 2017

Feast of Eagles this year has a Hundred Years War theme, and the autocrats have asked for volunteers to create table displays (e.g. science fair) for various battles of the war. As part of my display on the 1356 Battle of Poitiers (and Crecy in 1346), I will be giving away the following three books.  Read More

2017 SCA Plans

It's the beginning of a new year, so that means it's the season for that time-honored activity of new year resolutions—but this time, with a single focus on my involvement with the SCA. It's good to have a plan.  Read More

The Four Plausible Mornings of Jonkheer Hugo

Asking “Where would your historical persona wake up? What would they see?” can be an interesting and insightful exercise to develop your SCA persona and uncover areas that would benefit from more research.  Read More

Horse and Falcon 2016: My First Big SCA Event in Ten Years

Horse & Falcon 2016 was my first “big,” weekend, outdoor event back in the SCA in ten years—since Northkeep’s Castellan in 2006 before I moved to Oregon and ended up not playing while in An Tir.  Read More