While the growing collection of academic books on the Dutch Revolt, the Republic, or various components thereof is helping grow my understanding of the historical context, what I've been lacking is actual source documents from those involved. I've recently acquired two books that should help shore up that weakness and let me learn more about the era through the participants' own word (translated into English, of course).

Rowen, Herbert Harvey. The Low Countries In Early Modern Times. New York: Walker, 1972.

Here, Rowen translates into English much of the pivotal primary documents that would shape the provinces of the Low Countries into the new Republic of the Seven United Netherlands: the 1576 Pacification of Ghent, 1579 Union of Utrect, and 1581 Act of Abjuration are all translated in nearly full length – along with others.

Kossmann, E. H and Albert Fredrik Mellink. Texts Concerning The Revolt Of The Netherlands. London: Cambridge University Press, 1974.

While Rowen’s volume of translations above focuses narrowly on the important documents and political publications of the era, this collection from Kossmann and Mellink casts a much broader net. Over sixty excerpts of letters and pamphlets from the primary actors of the Revolt are collected into this volume. Both Dutch and Spanish sources are represented.

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