Rowen, Herbert Harvey. The Low Countries In Early Modern Times. New York: Walker, 1972.

Here, Rowen translates into English much of the pivotal primary documents that would shape the provinces of the Low Countries into the new Republic of the Seven United Netherlands: the 1576 Pacification of Ghent, 1579 Union of Utrect, and 1581 Act of Abjuration are all translated in nearly full length – along with others.

Kossmann, E. H and Albert Fredrik Mellink. Texts Concerning The Revolt Of The Netherlands. London: Cambridge University Press, 1974.

While Rowen’s volume of translations above focuses narrowly on the important documents and political publications of the era, this collection from Kossmann and Mellink casts a much broader net. Over sixty excerpts of letters and pamphlets from the primary actors of the Revolt are collected into this volume. Both Dutch and Spanish sources are represented.


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