You should know this about me: I’m a sucker for books. Lots of books. How fortunate for me, then, that the historical research I’m doing here affords me an excuse to buy interesting titles I come across.

Book Finds: Collections of Dutch Revolt Primary Sources

While the growing collection of academic books on the Dutch Revolt, the Republic, or various components thereof is helping grow my understanding of the historical context, what I've been lacking is actual source documents from those involved. I've recently acquired two books that should help shore up that weakness and let me learn more about the era through the participants' own word (translated into English, of course).  Read More

9/30/16 Finds: War and Society in Renaissance Europe 1450-1620 and The Renaissance at War

The evolution of warfare during the late Renaissance into the Early Modern period, called often the “pike and shot” period, is a fascinating and pivotal era of warfare - for both battlefield tactics and developing strategy. It's my hope these two books will help educate me further on the subject.  Read More