Renaissance Netherlands with Will Phillips

The Renaissance era Netherlands was fascinating place, and I want to introduce that world to a broad, English-language audience unfamiliar with its charms and drama.

The primary outlet for my historical research has been through lectures given at Society for Creative Anachronism events across the Midwest. These have been wonderful opportunities, but the reality is that the SCA is wonderfully broad organization, full of people with many diverse interests. Early modern history – much less the late sixteenth century Low Countries – remains a niche subject (to be clear: this is not a complaint or value statement; I mean it only as an assessment).

In order to reach a larger popular history audience – and connect with far-flung sixteenth-century reenactors, pike & shot wargamers, history enthusiasts, and academics – I’ve begun work on a dedicated projected entitled Renaissance Netherlands with Will Phillips. I’ve chosen to use my real, “mundane” name in recognition of the non-SCA opportunities and outlets I’m interested in pursuing in conjunction with my continuing activity within the Society.

I’ve begun sharing and curating content to the Renaissance Netherlands Facebook page, and the companion blog will launch in Winter 2018. A podcast will follow in early 2019.