For those interested in cartography (i.e. map nerds like myself)—particularly during the expansion of the printing press and the early decades of the Age of Discovery—there's a wealth of resources, websites, books, and articles to draw from. I'll be slowly assembling a list of helpful links and books as I come across them here.

Newberry Research Library’s┬áConcise Bibliography of the History of Cartography:┬áThere is a wealth (overwhelmingly so) of information here. While the list here may be very broad and any focus is on early American maps and the British Isles, there’s still plenty to go around – especially as general introductions and overviews go.

Map History / History of Cartography: Books to Get You into the Subject: Similar to the Newberry link above, there’s a lot to wade through here, but the book recommendations are very helpful and benefit from the focus of the subject.

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