Late Sixteenth Century Dutch Persona Checklist

I will be continuing to fill out and add to this checklist to better document what I know of the life, upbringing, socio-economic standing, cultural context, and known world of my chosen persona and historical focus: a member of the rural lesser nobility in the Dutch province of Overijssel from roughly 1575-1590. When the question […]

Hugo van Harlo’s 1580 Dutch Gentry Persona Story

Depending on the reenactor’s context and interest, a persona can exist along a spectrum from a high level, generic impression all the way to a carefully researched fictional character complete with plausible life details. As a history buff, I have found that fleshing out the details of my persona’s historical context both forces me to […]

Why the Late Sixteenth Century Low Countries?

The SCA is home to a fair number of people portraying 16th Century—or as they’re called in the context of the pre-17th Century milieu of the Society, “Late Period.” Chief amongst those appear to be Elizabethans & Tudors, then German kampfrauen & Landsknechts, followed by Venetians and other varieties of Italians. Spaniards and the occasional […]


The Four Plausible Mornings of Jonkheer Hugo

Asking “Where would your historical persona wake up? What would they see?” can be an interesting and insightful exercise to develop your SCA persona and uncover areas that would benefit from more research.