SCA Persona 101 – Class Handouts and Notes

  • Goal: “Persona” can be a nebulous and confusing term when you’re new to the Society for Creative Anachronism. Figuring out what and how you’re supposed to use one after you’ve picked out a time and date can be even more daunting. The goal of this class is to demystify the concept of Persona and give attendees tools to choose, develop, and use theirs.
  • Accompanying Documents: Class handout of eleven pages; this is where the majority of the class information is found. There’s also an accompanying worksheet for the brainstorming session.
  • Class Length: 60-90 minutes: one hour for the lecture and Q&A portion of the class, an additional thirty minutes for the brainstorming mini-workshop that follows.

Download the SCA Persona 101 Class Handout(PDF)

Download the SCA Persona 101 Brainstorming Worksheets (PDF, Sized for 17×11″ Paper)