The late sixteenth century - and the broader context of the early phases of the Early Modern era - were fascinating. And like any respectable history geek, I want others to have the opportunity to appreciate these slices and snippets of history for the fascinating subjects they are! While most of my lectures are purely historical and appropriate for any lecture-based context, some have a specifically SCA-focused bent.

Current Classes and Lectures

The current two lectures can be given standalone, but are designed to build upon one another. The Introduction to Late 16th Century Europe lecture provides the broad sociopolitical context of the era, while the Birth of the Dutch Republic lecture zooms in on a fascinating, specific historical event that most may not be familiar with.

  1. An Introduction to Late 16th Century Europe, 1566-1610
    The late 16th century (or “Late, Late Period” for us thoroughly SCA types) was an absolutely fascinating and remarkable period…but tragically few people know much of it beyond Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare! I begin with the important cultural changes and developments that profoundly impacted the beginning of the early modern period, then proceed into high-level survey of the key historical events and figures that shaped the late 16th century across Europe.
  2. The Birth of the Dutch Republic, 1575-1591
    The Low Countries erupted into revolt against Phillip II of Spain in the 1560s. By 1609, the rebellious northern provinces (by then organized as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands) had achieved de facto independence. How did they get there? This lecture looks to answer that question by focusing on the difficult but foundational years of 1575-1591.
  3. SCA Persona 101
    The SCA concept of a Persona as a plausible impression of a pre-seventeenth century individual can be a rewarding aspect to the Society for Creative Anarchism, but it can also be confusing, nebulous waters to wade in. This Persona 101 class is designed to help attendees understand what a Persona is and – just as importantly – is not, and then give them tools to choose, develop, and ultimately use their chosen Personas in the SCA.
  4. Pike and Shot Warfare, 1530-1590 (Page and Uploaded Handout Coming Soon)
    The 16th century was a unique period in the history of European warfare, as a transitional period that saw a wide variety of arms in use at the same time: firearms, field artillery, infantry armed with sword & shield, dense blocks of pikes, knights in shining armor with lances, and lightly armed cavalry armed with pistols. This lecture addresses how these armies were assembled, armed, and fielded.

Future Classes and Lectures

As of Autumn 2017, there is no structured, active work going into future lectures. However, future lectures are only a matter of time and likely will come from the following list:

  1. Survey of Late 16th Century European Men’s Garb: This is something I’d like to put together in time for Clothiers 2018, but also use as a general reference for other guys who are interested in the period (or getting bamboozled by wives and girlfriends).
  2. Improving Your Late 16th Century Persona & Kit – This is a little more nebulous and represents something of an ongoing checklist for my own work, but I’d like to use my personal research to help inform others. This would cover both the mindset of the gentry and lesser nobility in this era as well as a practical survey of material culture and physical goods.