I have registered arms and two badges with the SCA College of Arms. As my understanding of my persona's historical context grows, there may be other badges and sigils I design to use as appropriate—such as the printer's mark I've taken to using that incorporates one of my registered badges.


Sable, in pale two eagle’s feet couped inverted Or

Common Uses: Heraldic display; banners, flags, & gonfalons; armorial work that will be prominent, significant, or needs to be the most identifiable.

Badge 1

Fieldless: An eagle’s leg couped sable membered Or maintaining a grenade bendwise sable enflamed Or

Common Uses: Used in the conventional way SCA badges are – on things as a mark of ownership.

Badge 2

Fieldless: A cockerel’s head couped sable, beaked, crested and jelloped Or

Common Uses: Used only in conjunction with the arms as a heraldic crest.