About HugovanHarlo.com

I’ve always been a history nerd—and one prone to taking deep dives into those eras and events that particularly fascinate me.

Since becoming active again in the SCA in 2015, my focus has been towards more academic forms of historical research and SCA persona development without any accompanying interest in recreating material culture. Like I said: history nerd. I hope you’ll find it helpful and perhaps even interesting.

Contact Information

Hugo van Harlo’s Persona

I am attempting to portray a member of the lesser nobility or gentry from the rural, eastern Netherlands province of Overijssel sometime between the years 1576 and 1590. To better accomplish this, I’m actively working on building a plausible history for this fictional character within that specific context.

Persona Checklist

As I continue to develop my persona and better understand the late 16th historical context in the Low Countries, I’ll be working towards filling out a “persona checklist” that addresses the life of that character from both mundane and deeply personal perspectives.

“Why c.1580 Dutch?”

This is a question I get from time to time. It’s a fair one playing in the SCA again in a kingdom full of Viking Norse, Rus, Angles, and Saxons. I go into my reasons on this page: they’re an even mix of compelling historical factors and purely personal considerations.

Registered Arms & Badges

Pretty shiny things. Oh, yes. I’ve registered arms and two additional badges with the SCA’s College of Arms.

SCA Classes and History Lectures

As an output of my interest in history and research, I’ve begun writing a series of history lectures to teach as SCA classes. These will all center around the broader early modern setting that unites most of my research. One has currently been written—an introductory survey of late 16th century Europe—and others are forthcoming. Handouts and presentation decks will be provided for download.