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Hugo van Harlo’s A&S Classes at Lilies War 2018

My responsibilities as this year's Lilies War Arts and Sciences Coordinator keep me from preparing a lot of classes this year. There are plans, though, to bring four to the war.

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The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance

by John Rigby Hale

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Engraving-style portrait of Hugo van Harlo

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16th Century Dutch Research Blog

I've always been a history nerd and prone to taking deep dives into those eras and events that particularly fascinate me. Since becoming active again in the SCA in 2015, my focus has been towards more academic forms of historical research and SCA persona development without any accompanying interest in recreating material culture. Like I said: history nerd.

I've created this site to document and share what I learn from my research—mostly about the 16th century Netherlands. I hope you'll find it educational and perhaps even interesting.

About Hugo & the Site About the Focus on the Late 16th Century Netherlands.

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Beligica Orientalis – A Northeastern Netherlands Map and 2017 Calontir Queen’s Prize Judges’ Choice

Six weeks of research, design choices, and careful work with pencil, ink, and watercolor resulted in a three-sheet map of the northeastern provinces of the early Dutch Republic. Entered into Calontir's 2017 Queen’s Prize Tournament, the map won the Judges’ Choice award.  Read More…

In-Persona Interview at Feast of Eagles 2017

A fellow SCAdian known as Moon Hides the Sun is launching a series of first person, in-persona video interviews, and I got the dubious honor of being the test case.  Read More…

Hugo’s Book Giveaway at Feast of Eagles 2017

Feast of Eagles this year has a Hundred Years War theme, and the autocrats have asked for volunteers to create table displays (e.g. science fair) for various battles of the war. As part of my display on the 1356 Battle of Poitiers (and Crecy in 1346), I will be giving away the following three books.  Read More…

A Map of Forgotten Sea, 2017 Calontir Tri-Levels Judges’ Choice

My interest in cartography was born out of a childhood of Tolkien and RPG maps and only deepened by my study of the Golden Age of Cartography. My map of the Kansas City area's SCA chapters was drawn to better understand the compositional elements of the great sixteenth century mapmakers. It was so well received that it was awarded the Judges' Choice at the Calontir 2017 Tri-Levels arts & sciences competition.  Read More…

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Below: Detail of a Propoganda Etching from the Dutch Revolt

Anonymous, Houdt op in mijn tuin te wroeten Spaanse varkens! (Stop rooting in my garden, Spanish pigs!), 1578-1582, Rijksmuseum, Object # RP-P-OB-77 682.

View it in Full at

Dutch propoganda etching from 1578-1582: Stop rooting in my garden, Spanish pigs!